Testimonials from Mental Health Units

“Georgina has been the inspirational driving force with the MiR programming. The programme would not have achieved the amazing successes, be it with the seclusion patients or the Recovery College modules. Georgina has a wonderful ability to develop a rapport with patients, from our difficult to engage people, to patients who are very ill to those that are looking at moving on within the service. She is warm and engaging, but fully understands the need for boundaries, so is never in danger of compromising her safety and security.

Her ability to work and perform in difficult environments is testament to her professionalism and desire to bring live performance to difficult to reach communities, exposing people to new experiences and knowledge.”

Anne Lofthouse

Head Occupational Therapist, Secure Division, Ashworth Hospital , Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust

As you are aware today was our last scheduled session with Georgina as part of the MiR Project.  I just wanted to highlight her amazing commitment to both music and working with vulnerable adults.  Her passion and dedication have inspired our patient group to share experiences, learn new skills and establish respectful friendships.  Over the years she has been guided by the patients to develop the project and as a result the patients have achieved amazing accomplishments including 2x CDs, evening groups and they were also recognised at the National Service User Awards 2015.

 Today we witnessed one individual, who prior to the group offered little in the way of social interaction deliver a heartfelt speech about his journey and the value that this group has offered. He reported that the group has had a positive impact upon his self-esteem, which is evident to those within the group. All the group participants supported the individual and all offered their views on how Georgina and the MiR Project have inspired a sense of hope to their lives. 

 I believe that we will all take away some fabulous memories from the previous years and I believe that Georgina’s interaction style has been ‘key’ to the success.  Even when working on the HDU sessions Georgina has conveyed her respect for patients and staff alike.  This has enabled the development of therapeutic relationships and as a result has broken down numerous barriers.  So thank you for the opportunity to be part of the MiR Project, and I cannot empathise enough the commitment of Georgina and her fellow colleagues.  Each of our professional MiR visitors has treated our patients and the environment with the upmost respect and has allowed some amazing experiences to develop.

 Thank you G.”

Sam O'Shea

Occupational Therapist, Ashworth High secure Hospital

“Georgina always showed the highest regard for the service users she met on the ward, behaving in a professional, friendly and caring manner at all times. Georgina is very person centered in her work and the feedback received from service users about her work was that she always treated people with respect and dignity.  Georgina takes great care to remember service users’ names and greet them in this way, very quickly establishing a rapport with people who can be very vulnerable in a variety of ways.

Georgina’s excellent communication skills ensured that she was able to produce music sessions that met service users’ expectations and she was flexible to deliver different styles of session, for example encouraging participation in group music making as well as performing music herself, often improvising and playing alongside people encouraging them greatly to explore music for themselves”

Guy Thomas

Occupational Therapist, Windsor House

“Georgina Aasgaard is a good and reliable person with good communication skills, who works very well within a team, independently and with the wider service taking into account the patient needs.

The Music in Residence sessions was well liked by the service users and it was fantastic to see how Mrs Aasgaard was able to invite and encourage service users to engage on different levels using a range of methods in the delivery of the sessions. “

Joonas Sirvio

Rehabilitation Manager, Secure Division, Ashworth Hospital , Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust

“Like a “Talking therapy” – In music residence sessions everybody is free to express his own ideas, views, comments, suggestions, and questions. Georgina patiently listens and discusses everything with the group – this has strength us with a now sense of self-esteem and more insight into our self. We feel secure and have a good relationship with Georgina based on mutual respect and trust.

Georgina is approachable and knowledgeable. Without her drive and enthusiasm we would not have had the confidence to speak freely, to comment on anything and to compose our own music. I started to learn music in the Education Department after I had met Georgina, She is my inspiration.

Georgina’s music is passionate, sincere and charged with emotion. Her tunes are the most unforgettable.

Georgina is not confined to her cello. She brings and teaches us different type of musical instruments. She also invites different artists with different type of magical musical instruments such as Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone, Bassoon, Violin, The French Horn etc. We not only listen to their music but we have also a chance to ask questions of these Visiting Artists and hear their perspectives on music theory and practice. “

Testimonial from patient

Ashworth High secure Hospital

Testimonials from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

“Georgina was exceptionally responsive to Lily’s cues with rhythm and when talking with her. The days can be long and when she arrived, Lily immediately came out of herself. It also demonstrated that she was a child not just an illness and encouraged me to do more activities afterwards.”

Mum of Lily

Aged 3, Alder Hey

“Georgina Aasgaard is a remarkable individual and a highly talented musician, who brings joy and happiness to all who have the privilege to meet her. Her work at Alder Hey  Children’s Hospital over the last 13 years has made a profound difference to our patients, who have benefited from her talent, her creativity and her compassion. I simply cannot imagine Alder Hey without her”

Vicky Charnock

Arts For Health Co-ordinator, Alder Hey

“I like making music with Georgina. She is always nice to me and we make really good songs.”


Aged 8, Alder Hey

“Very relaxing. Georgina was particularly intuitive. It took Alice’s mind off everything that was going on. We recorded Georgina playing and we listened to it over and over.”

Mum of Alice

Aged 16, Alder Hey