Adults and autism

 Georgina led this innovative project in 2015 in Knowsley for the Adult disability services supported by the Autism Innovation Fund.

The project aimed at providing support for initially six service users but through careful planning of time and resources Georgina was able to extend the offer to a further two service users taking the participants up to eight. The two additional participants had additional and complex support needs and we felt that is was important that the opportunity was made available to service users with a wide range of support needs.

Each participant had the opportunity to contribute to their own one page profile at the beginning of the project.

At the start of the project all participants were assessed using the Spectrum star with a review at the midpoint and a planned reassessment at the end of the project. Many of the participants have been able to demonstrate individual breakthroughs – increased confidence & communication skills – in some cases learning a new language ( French ) and writing musical scores and songs, turn taking, working as part of a team.

A wide range of musical instruments were purchased as part of this project which included: chimes & shakers, ukulele, small harp and a Theremin which provided  more choice and control for each participant.

All of the participants were given a journal at the first session and they were able to keep their own diary and record of each session.

Three participants have been working towards an Explorer award linked to the Art Awards programme. It was hoped that all participants could be supported towards this award but there is an upper age limit for the programme which limited registration for this award.

The project has also provided opportunities for the participants and their families to attend a number of different community base performances, including theatre and musical events.  It has introduced a new genre of classical music to the service users which has been extremely well received.

Classical Expressions Case Study LF

Classical Expressions Evaluation Report